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While everyone in life has challenges, each day brings us many opportunities to see the good stuff. Being optimistic helps us to notice the positives in life and live with a sense of gratitude. Sometimes, it is the small things that bring us joy: like enjoying a cup of coffee, hugging our children or just enjoying the warmth of the sunshine on our face.

When we take the time to focus on the positives, we increase our happiness and we are more satisfied in life. Experiencing positive emotions like joy, love and appreciation helps us to manage stress and cope with life's difficulties.

Being positive can also help us discover our personal strengths and abilities, and tackle problems with confidence. When we’re positive, we bring more joy and creativity into our lives. So smile, laugh, play often, and look for all the opportunities in life!

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Benefits of being positive

  • Boosts our immune system – helps you live longer
  • Helps build healthy and harmonious relationships
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress
  • For youth: improves long term health outcomes
  • For older adults: promotes better sleep and lessens the feelings of sadness

The more positive you are the greater the benefits to your well-being.
Big or small... notice the positives in your day... you will enjoy life more