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When we are curious, our brain gets ready for learning and seeing new possibilities, which helps us to solve problems and be more resilient. A resilient person has the ability to cope and even thrive when life is difficult. It turns out that accepting and even embracing the unknown is really good for us!

Being curious and exploring new things are some of the best stress reducing strategies to deal with the difficulties of life. It helps to keep our minds active and our brains healthy.

Curiosity is something that we can nurture and develop. With practice, we can transform everyday tasks into interesting and enjoyable experiences.

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Benefits of being curious

  • Creates positive feelings of achievement
  • Provides greater life satisfaction and optimism
  • Improves our ability to get the most out of our lives
  • Promotes brain health
  • For youth: challenges the mind and supports learning
  • For older adults: helps keep the mind active, increases memory and concentration

The more curious you are, the greater the benefits to your well-being.
Discover the world around you... there is no end of things to be curious about.